Wednesday, May 16, 2012

National Police week!

I wonder who will take my place someday. I wonder who will put on his armor and pick up his shield and sword and follow my path. My path is hard and lonely. It is filled with danger and unspeakable things. My path leads to satisfaction and self-worth if you are strong enough to follow it. It does not lead to fame or fortune so if that is what you seek, take another path.   You cannot be a selfish person if you want to walk upon my path for if you are it will devour you and leave you broken. My path requires that you put all others before yourself. My path may require you to give your life to walk upon it. Are you willing?   You must be strong to walk upon my path. It has many obstacles for you. You must be able to conquer your fear for if you don’t my path will terrify you. You must have faith to tread upon my path, for if you have no faith you will not make it to the end. My path is surrounded by darkness and in that darkness is evil. Evil that you must face without hesitation, for hesitation leads to death. Evil that strives to lead you astray. Evil that will take your life and your soul. Are you ready to walk upon my path?   My path will change you and all that you were before you started your journey on it. It will make you cold and hard on the outside. It will scar you on the inside also. It does not forgive or forget any mistake you make. My path will hold you to a higher standard than those who don’t walk upon it. You will be happy one minute and terrified the next on my path. My path is full of surprises, some good, and some bad. If you chose to walk upon my path, your friends will abandon you. Your family will not understand why you chose to walk upon it.   You will be ridiculed and scorned and at the same time people will beg for your help. My path will fill you with pride and it will give you a bond to all who walk it with you or have ever walked upon it. I wonder, I wonder who will take my place. My path is getting harder and more dangerous each day. I fear for those who will make the choice to follow me. I pray that they will be strong enough.   My time upon this path will end soon, I can see the end of my path but I know that my ending is another ones beginning and I pray for them. I try and teach them what I know. I pass along the little tricks I have learned and I hope they pay attention for this path has no mercy for those of us who walk upon her. She is littered with the broken shields of my brothers and sisters. She holds their bodies in her cold grasp.   If you wish to walk upon my path, I wish you well, I pray for you and know that you will never walk her alone. The spirit of those who have gone before you will always be watching over you.