Friday, February 25, 2011

SUYL...Things I make!

I have recently opened a shop on Etsy. It's called HopefulLove Boutique. Here is the link...

I have only a few things right now. But check back in about a week and I will have more added. I am still in the process of making things now. Feel free to let me know if there is a certain holiday or patteren you would like. I will be happy to make it for you!

I will ship for free if you let me know you saw me on Kelly's Korner!

If you want to look a few post down on my blog I have written why I have started doing this and there are a few pictures to look at also! I hope you enjoy looking around!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Eve!!

This past weekend we went on a short trip to Gatlinburg with my parents. It was so much fun and we were so glad to get away. We ate at lots of yummy places, like the Pancake Pantry. It is on of our favorites to go to.
We went to the mountains and had lots of snow ball fights! It was so much fun and people thought we were crazy I am sure!

Yesterday, for Valentines day, Matthew took me to work. Then he washed my car for me and picked me up. He told me to get ready when we got home. He said my mom was cooking dinner and we were going over there. It was such a nice surprise to see Steven, Ryan, Reba and Katie come over to celebrate! This is my last year in my twenties and I am a little sad. I don't know why, I never thought I could be so glad to be where I am at today. Even though Matthew and I are going through some struggles trying to have a baby, our relationship has gotten stronger each day and for that I am very thankful! Matthew got me a strawberry cake from Edgars. The top is from the fair this year...Monkey's Riding Dogs!! I loved it!!
I also got our quilt yesterday too! It is all the pieces of fabric people signed a little note to at our wedding. So, almost 5 years later...I finally got my quilt made!! I love it and it was a great surprise!!
I have started my Etsy site and have a couple of items on it. It's just table runners right now, but I've got more things in the works. I named it HopefulLove Boutique. Hopeful that one day we will have a child and we will love this precious miracle and we know that God loves us so much that he want everything to be according to His plan...Perfect!! The money we get for these will go toward helping pay for any infertility treatments our insurance is not going to cover. We know God will provide for us and we want to use these as a testimony of our faith.
It has been almost 2 years since we've started "trying" to have a baby. When I look back I wonder, how in the world did we make it this far?! But I know's because we serve a great and mighty God!! We go to a new doctor on Monday and I am a little nervous. I don't know why, we've been doing fertility treatments for a year now so I am used to getting blood taken every month and hearing the good or bad news from the month before. I think I am nervous because I feel like we are starting over. Hopefully once we talk to the doctor and tell her our concerns I will feel much better. After our appointment we are leaving to go to Nashville. So it will be good to not have to deal with questions or anything for a couple of days. I don't mind talking about it anymore, it's just the first couple of days I don't want to talk about it. That may not make sense but it does to me. Matthew and I are spending every moment we can together as a couple because we know one day it will be hard to do that!

We have so many friends we are praying for and and family that is struggling with different issues right now. Its so hard to remember all of them so I am going to start a prayer gates page to where you can post things you want others to pray for and vice versa. But for now if you want to just write a comment on here or email me I would be happy to pray for whatever! We all need prayer every single day! Through the past couple of years we have had so many people praying for us and I know that is how we made it through, so I feel lead to be prayerful for others.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where to start...

Happy New Year!!

Everytime I sit down to write about something I get distracted and before I know it, it's time for bed or I've fallen asleep on the couch! Soooo...we've had so much going on that I don't know where to start!

I can't believe it's already February! Even more shocking...I can't believe I am fixing to be 29!! We have a little get away planned next weekend to gatlinburg with my parents and then we are going to nashville the next week to see Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith at the Ryman!! So these are sorta birthday/valentines day vacays!

We have also taken a new step in trying to have a baby. We will be seeing a infertility doctor on Feb. 21st. I am exicted and scared all at the same time! I got our packet in the mail telling us what to expect and I've been doing some research on IVF. I am trying not to worry about it because God knows our needs and what is best for us. One day at work, I had an amazing realization. I know it was God-sent! I am going to be starting a small business on the side to help with the cost of all the doctor visits and whatever else we may have to do. It's going to be called "Hopeful Love Boutique". I am making table runners, placemats, napkins, ribbon blankets and whatever else ideas I come up with. I have made a couple of table runners already. I am going to put them on ETSY. I am so thankful that God is allowing me to share our story and help others through all this. It is complicated to put into words on here, but God is so amazing!!
Here is picture of one of the table runners I've made.

Matthew and I had an opportunity at church to share our testimony on stewardship. I really didn't want to do it at first because I hate talking in front of alot of people. But God calls us to step out of our comfort zone and do something we normally wouldn't do. I am so glad we did!! It's so amazing how God has used us to bless so many and they have blessed our lives as well. Like I said though, it's too complicated to put into words on here, but I will never forget it!

"Happy are the people who know the joyful shout; Lord, they walk in the light of Your presence." Psalm 89:15
Tommy, Kelly, Will and Ella came down for a short visit a couple of weeks ago. Kelly and Will went to Auburn for the campionship celebration so Matthew, Tommy, Ella, Reba and I hung out for the day...